Bathed in sunlight and nurtured by the waters, Delmati wines offer a pure experience of a distinctive wine terroir. Located in Croatia, between Split and Dubrovnik, where the Neretva River meets the Adriatic Sea, ancient vineyards unveil the rich heritage of a significant wine region. This small stretch of the Adriatic breathes Mediterranean charm, warming sun, refreshing winds and a distinctive soil.

Shaped by
Powerful Water


Esteemed wine regions are often found near large bodies of water. Our vineyards benefit from the nurturing effects of the Neretva River and the powerful Adriatic Sea. Gentle breezes ensure healthy vines, while their proximity naturally warms the vineyards in winter and cools them during the hot Dalmatian summer. The power of water allows our grapes to ripen harmoniously, maintaining natural balance.



Our philosophy


At the heart of the philosophy lies a respect for heritage and minimal intervention in the natural process. Each wine is an expression of the authenticity of the grape variety, soil, year, and the result of hard work in the vineyard. Hand harvesting of grapes, choosing concrete tanks, and using old barrels for wine aging are just part of the methods that highlight the unique character of every wine.

Attention is paid to every detail in the vineyard.
Minimal intervention for a pure
experience of a unique wine landscape

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