The meeting place of sun and water


From the limestone cliffs of Komarna, shaped by the Adriatic Sea’s influence, to the karst field of Jezero, nourished by a mix of clay and sand, Delmati vineyards capture the diversity of Dalmatian terroir.

Nature has graced us with ideal conditions for producing premium wines. With abundant sunlight and the beneficial influences of water, our focus is on every detail in the vineyard. Minimal intervention allows for a pure experience of a truly special wine landscape.

Jezero position


Croatia’s largest wine region, Jezero, is a green oasis of the Dalmatian karst, sheltered by mountains and highlands. At the southernmost part of the wine region, it is just 5 kilometers to the Adriatic coast. Following the course of the Matica River, which gently meanders through the vineyards, the entire wine region has access to clear underground water sources.

This landscape phenomenon is characterized by seasonal transformations. In winter, the Matica river floods, enriching the vineyard soil, while in summer, it withdraws, allowing the vines to tap into underground water sources through their well-developed root systems.

The surface soil of the Jezero vineyards is a blend of clay and sand, supported by a limestone base. 200 hectares of estates vineyards are divided into smaller plots to preserve the unique attributes of different micro-locations.



The vineyards, aged between 30 and 60 years are planted withe varieties Trbljen, Trebbiano Toscano, and red Plavka, Trnjak, along with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.




Komarna position

Komarna, the youngest and one of the most important Dalmatian wine regions, captivates with cascading vineyards stretching down steep limestone slopes, offering views of the Adriatic Sea and the new Pelješac Bridge.


These positions are characterized by rocky soil with just a touch of Dalmatian red soil, creating ideal conditions for vines that are constantly bathed in sunlight, sea breeze and refreshing winds from the Neretva River valley. Following the tradition, the vines are bush-trained protecting the grapes from the summer heats.

Vineyards are planted with indigenous Dalmatian garpe varieties that give amazing results on this conditions: Pošip, Plavac Mali, and Babić.